Software & Hardware Licensing

HBM drafts, reviews and negotiates software and hardware licensing agreements for mobile apps, social media, technology, life science, and numerous other companies.

Technology Transactions

HBM drafts, reviews and negotiates a broad range of technology transactions such as software and IT licensing, SaaS and outsourcing agreements.

Risk Mitigation

We approach risk mitigation holistically starting with employees and proceeding with plans of action.

Representative Sectors Include:

  • Hologram Technologies
  • IoT & Connected Devices
  • Life Sciences
  • Software, Cloud & Software as a Service technologies
  • Health Technologies

GDPR Privacy Rules & Compliance

HBM advises on new technology and product development in regards to GDPR and privacy rules and regulations.

CCPA Privacy Rules & Compliance

HBM advises on business compliance and development in regards to CCPA and privacy rules and regulations.

California Consumer Privacy Act ("CCPA") Overview

The California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018 ("CCPA") will impose new privacy obligations on certain businesses that collect personal information of CA consumers beginning Jan 1, 2020. The regulation will impact the national & global economy as it ushers in dramatic compliance procedures. Check out our video that provides a brief overview of the CCPA -

Cybersecurity Checklist

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