HBM represents 43 Bay with its capital raising, corporate structure and funds. 43 Bay is a real estate + technology company with a focus in Maryland.

Portl, Inc., hologram, technology, licensing, trademark, IP

HBM is managing Portl's licensing, distribution and pending trademarks. Portl is a leading hologram technology company based in L.A.


Soaply is the Uber for car detailing and washes. HBM represents Soaply with its legal needs, app licensing, and financing.


HBM managed corporate structure, trademarks and licensing for Crystal Clear during its inception.


HBM handles 90% of Ecoplast's legal needs. Ecoplast has cut 50% from its legal budget.


HBM handles 90% of NuWave's needs. NuWave has cut 45% from its legal budget.

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They are growing


They require on demand legal representation

on demand legal needs, corporate counsel, in-house counsel, general counsel, chief legal officer

They receive cost effective pricing

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