High-quality legal talent. Cloud-based technology.

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Highly Experienced Talent

Our attorneys and team of account managers are highly specialized in specific legal contract types and consistently deliver dependable, high-quality work.

vs Traditional Law Firm

  • Expensive
  • Junior-level attention
  • No process to manage workflow

Cloud-Based Technology

Our cloud-based technology makes your process more organized and efficient, and it allows quicker access to executed agreements. Robust business and legal data creates insightful reporting about trending concepts and obligations in your agreements.

vs In-House Legal Team

  • Routine work is time consuming
  • Focus is removed from more important activities

Cost-Effective Pricing

Over 50% average client cost savings through a flat-fee, per-document pricing structure.

Business Law Services

Trademarks & Copyrights

  • Trademark Search with USPTO
  • Trademark Application to Registration
  • Trademark Statement of Use
  • International Trademark Filing WIPO

Corporate Services

  • Incentive Stock Option Plans
  • Non-Qualified Option Plans
  • Bylaws & Resolutions
  • Shareholders' Agreement
  • Operating Agreement
  • Website Terms & Conditions

Real Estate

  • Commercial Lease
  • Residential Lease
  • Property Transfers (Recording)
  • Property Gifting Techniques
  • Asset Protection Planning

Business Law Solutions

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